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The gamebook "Goth-Amok" It will be presented October 23, 2015. The event will take place at the Auditorium Parco della Musica at 11.30 (space 'Rome Lazio Film Commission'), as part of the Rome International Film Fest.

You can preview the game book of science fiction. Goth-Amok it is not a classic book, not even a common App and even a simple game: it is all three of these things put together, thanks to digital technology and the productive efforts of professionals who have participated - many of which are from own the film industry, but also from that of writing, video games and computers. An exciting journey of visual atmospheres of the imaginary, riddles, mysterious codes and narrative hub; you can have fun moving in the story that the player / reader itself will be able to change according to his own choices, since the real protagonist in Goth-Amok is the reader. The project is implemented from the ICT Delta Star Pictures and supported by the Lazio Region for its innovation. The Game book will be presented by some of the professionals who have collaborated, including Francesco Spagnuolo, Gabriele Pensieri, Francesco Crisci, Michela Albanese. In addition to the production manager Jordan River will participate Cristina Petrachi, spearhead for the internationalization of companies and innovative promotion of the Lazio Region and Riccardo Valentini, Councillor of Lazio Region and a leading figure in the world of culture and research, already awarded with the Nobel in 2007 due to its efforts in research. The game book will be distributed on the same day on the popular Google Play Store, and later also in the circuit of Amazon.

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Goth-Amok: soon available on your mobile devices. Let get your adventure started! You can read it as a book, play with it as a video game and download it as an APP!

The author of the text is Matteo Poropat (an eclectic and active author in publishing for years), the coordinator is Francesco Spagnuolo (a young talent scout and script reader of publishing and film industry). Together with gamebook consulting Gabriele Pensieri, many professionals have cooperated with the project.

Among them, Angelo Talocci (the winner of the Global Music Awards and among the most prolific and innovative Italian composers, highly appreciated abroad) who has signed the splendid soundtrack, Francesco Crisci (designer & visual artist), Riccardo Rullo (an illustrator within game field both on a national and international levels) and Mattia De Iulis (a young talent who illustrated several publishing works as a colour engineer on a national level) for the illustrations, the engineer Daniele Stirpe (an expert on Android platform applications) from the programming area.

It is a fresh, new Gamebook with a pleasant story to leaf through and to "play with"; "he who reads it is not a simple, passive reader but becomes the protagonist. He will influence the course of events and will re-write the plot - says the Editorial Director Michela Albanese. The reader-player will have to venture among the several narrative junctions, overcome obstacles - the writer and journalist continues - and solve riddles in order to save himself and  other, strange worlds".

Delta Star Pictures will soon release the long-awaited Gamebook Adventure. "Goth-Amok", an unprecedented and engaging story somewhere between science fiction and horror. Available on your smart phones and tablets in September 2015. With a click you will be able to download it from Google Play Store and begin your adventure. Goth-Amok: soon available on your mobile devices.

"Goth-Amok" will be officially launched in Rome in October. The official date will be published on the official website www.goth-amok.com

Executive producer Jordan River, game designer Joel Carl Hakalax (who will reach Italy from Sweden) will also be there, together with some 'Regione Lazio' representatives.  A new adventure is waiting for us and we are ready to test our ability! Therefore we just need to give the all-clear to our journey with Goth-Amok, the portal on the Elsewhere.